Thursday, February 7, 2008

Church Planters Event with the Wesleyans

The first day of the Wesleyan church planters event was pretty good today. They shared a lot of helpful books, websites and resources. All of the presenters today were very intense. Not so much a serious intenseness as much as a hyper intenseness. At times they were serious intense, but mostly hyper- but good presenters all the same. It was good to hang out with my Wesleyan (denomination) brothers and sisters. The Wesleyans seem to be pretty focused church planters. I would have never known that because I don't know of many Wesleyan churches in Missouri. I'm sure they are there, I just don't know of many of them. I go back tomorrow to close it out. I'll have to list all the resources and most important statements over the weekend sometime. On a family note, Kim and Alexis worked on Valentines today. Evidently Alexis left the kitchen for a few minutes while Kim was doing something. Kim found her in the living room cutting her hair with a pair of scissors they used on the Valentines- not a happy mommy. I guess part of their plans tomorrow include some time at a hair salon to trim up- since Alexis focused her cutting focus only on one side.

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