Sunday, February 24, 2008

Book title idea!

Okay, I have a book idea for someone out there to jump all over. I checked out the title on Amazon and no one has published this idea yet. It can be kind of a historical, ideological, cultural book. It's name??? The name is "Affirmational to Transformational: The last 50 years of the Christian Faith". The idea is that it covers the current trend of American (very limited there, but that is where you are probably living) Christianity in the last 50 years. It'll unpack the understanding of the popular movement of Christian faith moving from a confessional movement (you know- saying the prayer, the creed, the affirmation of faith, etc.) to a lifestyle/missional movement. Now, let me emphasize the word "popular". Both of these church styles are still operating within our culture, but one is a response to recent culture and one is a response to culture 50 years ago (regardless of whether they would admit it or not). So, as much as I hate for someone to make yet another post-modern/emerging church book- that's kind of where it would fit. I've got a couple of scripture ideas for it too. The first is from the Old Testament: Amos 5:22- the prophet speaks about God not accepting their burnt offerings but desiring justice and righteousness. The second is from the New Testament: Matthew 21:28-31- the parable of the two sons; one said he would not work and did, the other said he would work and didn't. I'm ashamed to say it took me about thirty minutes to find that last one. So, as much as I'd like to unpack further, I need to study. You can unpack it when you write it:)

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