Friday, May 1, 2009

Goodby Kentucky, Hello Weston, Missouri!

I started this blog almost a year and a half ago in order to share with anyone who cared what the Voigts in Kentucky were up to. Well, The Voigts in Kentucky blog will soon come to a close. A couple of weeks ago I received my first appointment as a Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church: Weston United Methodist Church in Weston, Missouri. I will be the Senior Pastor there much sooner than we anticipated. They have had an interim Pastor since December and he will leave the first weekend of June. They have invited us to come anytime after that. So, we will pack up on June 9th, begin the journey on June 10th and arrive in Weston on June 11th (Thursday). My first Sunday will be June 21st. Until that time we will set up house and take a little vacation. The parsonage is only four years old and is absolutely amazing! We feel incredibly blessed to live in such a gorgeous home. Weston UMC is a phenomenol church (and community) as well! They have grown from around 85 on Sunday to 120 in the last three or four years, many of those folks have joined via first time faith affirmations. They have a contemporary service and a traditional service, which I am really looking forward to. Kim and I are also excited to be a part of a small community, which will be a new experience for the both of us. We were really hoping for a smaller church where we could get to know people really well and feel that Weston will give us that opportunity. We also feel blessed to be so close to both of our families again since we've been away for five years now. There are many other great things I could share about the community of Weston and our new journey but I think I can sum it up with "we're excited"! We will miss our friends here in Kentucky a great deal and look forward to staying in touch with them as we begin a new family transition: Voigts in Weston:)