Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And Now We Wait . . .

The family made a quick trip to Missouri this weekend. We left on Saturday for Springfield. Unfortunately we hit the aftermath of the ice/snow storm an hour after we hit St. Louis. So it took us 4 hours to travel 20 miles! This pretty much squelched all of the plans we had in Springfield for that night. We pulled into the Potts' crib in Springfield around 9pm (10 pm our time). After visiting a while we hit the hay. The next morning we went to Schweitzer for Sunday School and then missed church because our class had lunch at 11am. After visiting with that group, saying "Hi" to Kim's old gymnastics crew and paying homage at Bass Pro we took off for Columbia. Ready for the really funny part? After 3 hours we rolled into our hotel in Columbia only to realize I left my suit for my 3 hour commissioning interview in the closet at the Potts'! It was 9pm and I had no suit and no shirt! So, I called Lori from Schweitzer who is on the Board of Ordained Ministry that I was interviewing with. Kim had offered to drive back to Springfield and back that night to get the suit. Lori said to run to Wal-Mart and buy a pair of pants and a shirt- so that's what we did at about 9:30pm. I didn't have a jacket, but I actually liked the pants and shirt- go Wal-Mart:) My interview the next morning went really well. I was in and out of the four different interview teams pretty quickly and felt everyone was very kind and supportive. After the interview the family loaded up and headed back to Kentucky. About 30 minutes after we walked in the door I received a call that I had been accepted as a provisional Elder and would be commissioned at Annual Conference in June! So, now we wait for the next call! The next call will be our placement in Missouri. Please pray for our family as we wait patiently to find out where we will live in three months:)

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