Thursday, March 6, 2008

Alexis' first day at preschool!

Today was Alexis' first day at a preschool in Wilmore! She will be in class most afternoons during the week. Kim and I are incredibly happy that she will have an opportunity to learn and grow with other children. Our little girl is a social butterfly and definitely needs "friend time". However, the biggest thing that she did today was ride the bus home for the very first time! She did a great job and loved her time on the bus. We have a couple gals in the area who watch children in their homes for affordable hourly amounts. So, after two months we finally have Alexis locked into a schedule. Kim's first day of work was Tuesday and she is off to a great start. She really likes the people she works with and is naturally great at anything involving children. She will also be working a night or two at a gymnastics place in Lexington. She had a great night tonight with a class of very talented gymnasts. TWO MONTHS- that's how long we have lived in vagueness and chaos. However, it appears our waves have subsided and we can hopefully live on the beach for a while. Granted it is the part of the beach for poor folks- but we're just happy to be on the sand and out of the water!

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