Monday, March 10, 2008

Alexis and Kim in the snow!

So we lived through the huge mideast snow storm! It really wasn't too bad here. I think we received four to six inches but most of it melted off in a few days. Just a little bit north of here they really got hammered- up to a foot of snow! Well, around here that is really getting hammered. Alexis and Kim took advantage of the snow yesterday before it all melted. I uploaded a few of the pics, but to check them all out you can go to this site:
Alexis has a bad cough today. Probably a combination of beginning school last week (new kids, new germs) and playing in the snow yesterday. We were supposed to go to Kim's work (Kid's Place) today and Alexis was going to play while I studied, but we decided she should stay home and rest since she has school tomorrow. Alexis is pretty bummed! Maybe next week:)

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