Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas for Christians??

As I get older there are some elements of Christmas that are well focused and some that are increasingly bothersome (and I don't throw out the word bothersome everyday). Gift giving does promote an unselfish and giving aspect that I think is important. It would seem to correlate with the wise men and their gifts, even though they gave gifts to Jesus and didn't receive a tangible gift back. I think I struggle with the Americanization of Christmas, especially as it leads to consumerism. It does create a flux in the buyers market unlike any other time of the year. So much so that many business' count on the flux in order to survive. Kim just text'd me to share her current disdain for the season for the first time ever. Why? Because she has been on a big, brown truck that delivers gifts to many since after Thanksgiving week. It has put a lot more money in our pockets, but she is exhausted and ready to hibernate. I think somehow, for Christians, Christmas needs to change. It should somehow celebrate the birth of the Messiah and reflect the values and goals the Christ child has for us all. So, any ideas as to what that might look like for a Christian community? Christmas Eve service is great, but its more like the anasthetic for a post-Christian society. Just about everyone goes and walks out feeling like they did their duty for the year. I think we need something that creates community interaction and demonstrates thankfulness and worship. Maybe someone is already doing something like this?? What is it:)??

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Katherine said...

I have a few ideas!!
-More of an emphasis on Advent: Advent songs sung in church (as opposed to Christmas songs furing Advent time),
-Less "showy" church stuff: less cantatas, less/no kids programs that are more for parents than focused on worshipping Jesus,
-Advent vigils during the 4th week?
-A celebration of the Christmas season (the time FOLLOWING Christmas day thru Epiphany)
-Here's the kicker: holding off on gift-giving until Three Kings Day (around the second week of January), when Jesus received His gifts

Just some ideas I've been tossing around in my head.