Sunday, May 4, 2008

Job Transition

Kim starts a new job this week. She resigned from "Kid's Place" a couple of weeks ago and worked her last day on Friday. On Tuesday she will start with UPS. The "Kid's Place" job was difficult for a lot of reasons; she was expected to work four different areas by herself, she was away from Alexis all day, she occasionally had to work weekends, and the list goes on and on. She will work from around 4am-9am, Monday through Friday at UPS. It's a tough time commitment but it will allow her to be home most of the time with Alexis which means we can cut out paid childcare from the mornings. She is going to also pick up a few more hours at the gym that she coaches at on a very slim basis right now. So, she will work less hours but we will save money. Did I also mention that UPS offers full and incredible benefits after 60 days? Theirs are actually better than Starbucks! So, that's what's up. As a side note, I went on my first Kentucky trout fishing trip last week. Someone at church was nice enough to let a friend and I borrow his canoe on a short term basis. We canoed all the way up the Dix River for about two hours and fished for trout. It was an awesome trip and fish were caught. You can check out some of my trip pictures at

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